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Luana Avagliano
Head of Resilience Direct
Cabinet Office (Confirmed)
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Luana Avagliano has worked in Digital Delivery of transactional services for 11 years. In her current role, she works closely with the UK’s Resilience Community, resulting in the launch of the ResilienceDirect Service which went live on 27 March 2014. This is the free service for the resilience community, including a multi-agency mapping application. Luana is on the Advisory Board for the UK Innovation Emergency Services Forum (UK IESF), regularly chairs national events and is frequently asked to present and participate in panel sessions across the resilience arena, including the City Securities and Resilience Network (CSARN). Luana chaired the Ambition 2015 and 2016 EPRR Expo, the event for Emergency Preparedness, Planning and Response.

In previous roles, Luana specialised in improving government services working on Directgov, where all government information and key transactions were in one place. She also focused on youth engagement and innovation. Other specialist skills include working in a busy media centre, working with Ministers. Working in Government, Luana is a determined and diplomatic person with negotiating experience in the field of stakeholder and account management.

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